ArtHaus Gallery + Consulting

Representing contemporary works, diverse in media, subject matter, and style, by noteworthy Bay Area and New York artists.

Celebrating more than 20 years in business and inclusion in the San Francisco Registry of Legacy Businesses, ArtHaus is an award-winning fine arts gallery and consultancy.  Gallerist James Bacchi and Annette Schutz specialize in curating exhibitions for gallery artists, and consulting for beginning and established collectors as well as the Bay Area and New York architectural design communities.

Image Captions

1. Brian Blood, Asilomar Sunset, 48"x48", oil on canvas 2. Patter Hellstrom, Heart Center, 36"x60", acrylic ink on polypropylene/mounted on acrylic panel 3. Maxine Solomon, Where Dreams and Endeavors Collide, 48"x48", oil on canvas 4. Chris Schiavo, Fido, 16"x16", vintage print, edition of 20 5. Andrea Arroyo, Mazu, 24"x24", oil and mixed-media on canvas 6. Carolyn Meyer, Nocturns of Long Walks and Old Movies, 48"x60", oil on canvas 7. Lucky Rapp, Desire, 17"x17", resin and mixed-media on canvas on panel 8. Gioi Tran, From Another Perspective, 72"x60", acrylic on canvas 9. Paul Morin, I Don't Wanna, 36"x36", oil and silver leaf on canvas 10. Serena Bocchino, Rothko Rocks, 36"x52", oil and graphite on canvas 11.  Jhina Alvarado, Life Guard On Duty, 48"x48, oil and encaustic on panel 12.  Thea Schrack, One Wave, 30x40, pigment and encaustic on panel 13.  Matthew Frederick, Neptune, 52"x52", oil on canvas 14.  John Wood, Points of Connection, 40.5"x40.5", mixed-media on paper/on panel/finished with cold wax varnish 15.  Riis Burwell, Cloud Forms, 48"x18"x24", patina on steel 16.  Meena Kamal, Out of the Blue Again, 53"x53", oil on linen 17.  Ricardo Carbajal Moss, I Love You, 29"x23", acrylic on linen 18.  Marc Lambrechts, Night and Day, 36"x6", oil on plaster on wood with metal/steel frame 19.  Astrid, Untitled, 21"x23", solarized photograph, Edition of 3 20.  Ken Sloan, San Diego, 60"x36", layers of pigment sandwiched between layers of epoxy on panel finished with resin 21.   Deborah Brown, Mars at Rest, 48"x48", oil on canvas 22.   Carrie Ann Plank, Strata 12, 25"x22", resin and mixed-media on paper on panel 23.   Adam Kurtzman, Eiffel, 48"x23"x23", leaded bubble glass light sculpture/cast cement base finished in gold leaf 24.   Jan Blythe, Untitled, 30"x22", mixed-media on paper 25.   Daniel Berman, City Lights, 36"x36", photograph 26.   Mirang Wonne, Alchemy, 40"x60", gold leaf on stainless steel metal mesh/double wrapped on canvas 27.   Michal Venera, Ferris Wheel, 36"x36", photograph