Creativity Explored

San Francisco's premier art center and gallery for neurodiverse and disabled artists.

Creativity Explored (CE) is a studio-based collective in San Francisco that partners with developmentally disabled people to celebrate and nurture the creative potential in all of us.

Founded in 1983 by Florence and Elias Katz, an artist and a psychologist, CE has facilitated the careers of hundreds of disabled artists and serves as a model in the field of art and disability worldwide.

We believe art is essential to life. We exist to provide developmentally disabled people access to the human right of creative expression.

CE now serves 130 developmentally disabled artists offering art supplies, training, exhibition and sales opportunities in traditional and digital media. CE artists have seen their work exhibited in museums, galleries, and art fairs in over 14 countries and have earned over $2 million from their art.

Our life-changing programs continue to open doors of inclusion to center the personhood and creative vision of people with developmental disabilities. Most importantly, CE is a source of community, empowerment and dignity.

At CE, we believe in a future society with an enlightened understanding of its relationship with neurodiverse people—one that has evolved from one-way support to mutually-enriching growth and authentic appreciation of all people’s creative contributions.

CE continues to center the personhood and agency of our artists in all our efforts, asking, “What is important to you?” We will continue to innovate to provide safe and virtual services that enrich the lives of our artists, their families and supporters, on their terms.

Our dedicated staff, board, and volunteers are also expanding our commitment to racial justice and disability advocacy by amplifying the voices of studio artists of color and artists who are immigrants. We are proud to create space for our artists and staff to learn about and honor diversity examining the intersections of disability, race, ethnicity.

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Learn more about Creativity Explored events and exhibitions, meet the artists, and shop their art on the CE website.

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Creativity Explored studio. Photo by Peter Prato