Katharine T. Carter & Associates

Museum/nonprofit exhibition placement and curatorial services for midcareer artists. Consultations, promotional campaigns, writing services, catalogue production, and lecture programs by the Associates. Over 1,000 exhibitions scheduled since 1985.

Image Captions

  1. Susan Copich- Blue
  2. Sean-Paul Pluguez- Placid
  3. Sparky Campanella- North Point Road, Day
  4. Lee Saloutos- Rusted Vehicle Diamond Valley, NV
  5. Anne Marchand- Mirror
  6. Nancy Macko- Desert Candle 1 (Eremurus stenophyllus)
  7. Robert Mango- Journey to Redfish Lake II
  8. Martin Weinstein- Winter under Summer, Summer under Fall
  9. Peter Cusack- Fire Birds
  10. Sol Hill- This One Has a Kind of Raw Vibrating Energy
  11. Rebeca Calderón Pittman- Suspension and Precipitation
  12. Anne Hieronymus- Alter
  13. Deborah Masters- Tomashi Head
  14. London Amara- Pacific Sweep
  15. Sandra Gottlieb- October Waves #4
  16. Kaethe Kauffman- Black Waist Totem
  17. Francine Tint - Black Crows
  18. Kathleen Elliot- Questionable Foods, Strawberry
  19. Kaye Freeman- Western Magic
  20. James Singelis- Untitled
  21. Sharon Kagan- Pomp
  22. Stephen Estrada- Sea of Fog
  23. Bobbie Moline-Kramer- All That Remains
  24. Jenn Shifflet- Sweet Blush
  25. John Lyon Paul- Incantation
  26. Victoria Lowe- Green Room
  27. Francie Lyshak- Flying