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Notice – This listing page was created to serve as a reference for listers. This is not a real gallery.

Image Captions

1. View of Michaela Eichwald's exhibition "Frank," 2017, at Reena Spaulings Fine Art, New York. Photo Joerg Lohse. 2. Maybe She’s Born With It, 2015, blower, Mylar, plastic, resin, tempura-fried flowers, LED lights, plexiglass, and wood, 60 by 120 by 120 inches. Courtesy 47 Canal and Kunsthalle Basel. Photo Philipp Hänger. 3. View of Martha Friedman's exhibition "Dancing Around Things," 2017, at Andrea Rosen. Photo Pierre Le Hors. 4. Kathleen Ryan: Between Two Bodies, 2017, granite, glazed ceramic, and steel, 82½ by 41½ by 47½ inches; at Ghebaly. 5. Installation view of A.K. Burns's exhibition "Fault Lines" at Calicoon Fine Arts. The gate shown here, one of three in the show, reads "KNOWN UNKNOWN." The words refer to an elliptical statement made by Donald Rumsfeld at a 2002 press conference about proof of weapons of mass destruction. Image courtesy of the Art in America Instagram.