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Artspace presents three solo exhibitions that utilize meditation and metaphor to present themes of intricacy, intimacy, and insight. The opening reception, scheduled for Friday, January 27, 2023, 6-9pm, features artwork by Reni Gower, Sandhi Schimmel Gold and Franchell Mack Brown. Exhibition dates are January 27 – February 18, 2023. Also on view will be a group exhibition by Artspace Artist Members and in the Elisabeth Flynn-Chapman Gallery, the annual exhibition of Central Region Virginia Art Education Association.

Reni Gower presents hand cut works of paper, vinyl, or Tyvek in her exhibition, GEOmatrix: a Perfect Proof. Reni’s work is “inspired by sacred geometry, which is thought to convey sacred and  universal truths by reflecting the fractal interconnections (micro to macro) of the natural world. By reiterating these ratios, my work unlocks the language of abstraction through a collective recognition of  geometric perfection evident in ethnic patterns all around the world.”
Gower’s work is inspired by the patterns found in Amish quilts, Celtic knotwork, and Islamic ornamental tiles.

Gower received a 2020 Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant. In 2017, she was awarded SECAC’s Award  for Outstanding Artistic Achievement. In 2014, she received the College Art Association’s Distinguished  Teacher of Art Award, as well as distinguished teaching awards from Virginia Commonwealth University  and VCUarts. Her art work is represented in many prestigious collections and has been exhibited at  international and national venues for over 40 years. After 37 years, Professor Emerita Gower retired from Virginia Commonwealth University in December  2018. Gower is represented by Chroma Projects, Charlottesville, VA. renigower.com

Sandhi Schimmel Gold’s mixed media assemblages will be displayed in her exhibition, Memoir and Mirrors: A reflection of four generations of creative women. Her exhibition is a meditation on the memories, souvenirs and materials collected by multi-generations of women. An established upcycle artist, Sandhi began incorporating all manner of paper and found objects into her work when she discovered a cache of mirrored napkin rings once belonging to her mother. After being inspired by a Venetian mosaic artist who created a massive installation of mirrored glass “tiles,” Sandhi began creating mixed-media memoirs on small canvases: manipulating a variety of personal objects holding on to their memories, moods, and nostalgia, into a massive installation of individual memoirs. Each canvas is hand-painted, and approached as an individual story. No two are alike. Each has a name attached to a place, a person or memory belonging to the artist or member of her family.

Sandhi Schimmel Gold, is primarily known as #theoriginaljunkmailartist, and is one of the pioneers of the green fine art movement. Sandhi has been upcycling junk mail, packaging, greeting cards and other paper ephemera to create portraits, landscapes and abstracts for over 20 years.  Her work is in fine art galleries throughout the country and is in private, corporate and museum collections around the world. sandhischimmelgold.com


Franchell Mack Brown presents her exhibition FLAGVIBES: a perspective of PERSONHOOD from an-Other American. Franchell’s meditative and repetitive work employs an amalgam of materials. From the pliancy of crocheted ribbon to industrial cording and the solidity of welding, she juxtaposes soft and hard, exploring the dualities of being. Undulating forms and dripping tendrils suggest movement evocative of Nick Cave’s Soundsuits. Color and texture prevail in ecstatic collision, echoing her fascination with Egungun masking traditions and Native American tribal ceremonies. With her background as a jewelry designer, she features semi-precious gemstones, particularly freshwater pearls, in much of her work. The pearl embodies individuality. Each is a unique speck emerging from metamorphosis as an exquisite gem, a metaphor for the development and full expression of self.

The journey of FLAGVIBES began in 2020 and encompasses wearable and sculptural objects. They reflect the artist’s interpretation of the American flags 13 stripes and 50 stars. The USA was facing a pandemic, rising racial tension and a presidential election. Flags, generally a symbol of a unified nation, have become dissected totems that signal separation and division. “My hope is for true unity. My intention is to contribute to the unifying vision by producing work that uplifts, encourages, and empowers.” franmackart.com

Rounding out our January-February exhibitions, Artspace Artist Members will present an exhibition of artwork in a variety of styles and mediums.

Also on view during the January-February exhibition period, Artspace presents an exhibition by members of Central Region Virginia Art Education Association (CVAEA) in the Elisabeth Flynn-Chapman Gallery. The mission of CVAEA is to promote, support and advance visual arts education in the Central Region of Virginia. Their goal is to further serve their students and also each other as educators.This exhibition showcases the art of art educators in the central region of Virginia, including Henrico, Chesterfield, Hanover, Richmond City & surrounding counties. After a few years hiatus due to world events and safety concerns, CVAEA is happy to bring back this exhibition to showcase the talents of art educators in the region.

Exhibition Dates: January 27-February 18, 2023
Opening Reception: Friday, January 27, 6-9pm
Artist Talks: Saturday, January 28, 2pm

Address: 2833-A Hathaway Rd., Richmond, VA 23225 in the Stratford Hills Shopping Center.

Gallery Hours: 12-4pm Tuesday-Sunday or by private appointment.

Website: artspacegallery.org

More information is available on our website. Please visit the links to each artist’s exhibition page provided here:

Reni Gower / GEOmatrix: a Perfect Proof 

Sandhi Schimmel Gold / Memoir and Mirrors

Franchell Mack Brown / FLAGVIBES

Artspace Artist Members / Group Exhibition 

CVAEA / Artist as Educator: Back from Hiatus

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1) Franchell Mack Brown 2) Reni Gower 3) Sandhi Schimmel Gold