Berry Campbell Gallery

Abstract Expressionism and Color Field art.


Christine Berry and Martha Campbell have many parallels in their backgrounds and interests. Both studied art history in college, began their careers in the museum world, and later worked together at a major gallery in midtown Manhattan. Most importantly, Berry and Campbell share a curatorial vision.

Both art dealers have developed a strong emphasis on research and networking with artists and scholars. They decided to work together, opening Berry Campbell Gallery in 2013 in the heart of New York’s Chelsea art district on the ground floor of 530 West 24th Street. In September 2022, Berry Campbell moved two blocks north to 524 West 26th street, expanding their gallery space to 9,000 square feet.

Highlighting a selection of postwar and contemporary artists, the gallery fulfills an important gap in the art world, revealing a depth within American modernism that is just beginning to be understood, encompassing the many artists who were left behind due to race, gender, or geography-beyond such legendary figures as Pollock and de Kooning. Since its inception, the gallery has been especially instrumental in giving women artists long overdue consideration, an effort that museums have only just begun to take up, such as in the 2016 traveling exhibition, Women of Abstract Expressionism, curated by University of Denver professor Gwen F. Chanzit. This show featured work by Perle Fine and Judith Godwin, both represented by Berry Campbell, along with that of Helen Frankenthaler, Lee Krasner, and Joan Mitchell. In 2019, Berry Campbell’s exhibition, Yvonne Thomas: Windows and Variations (Paintings 1963 – 1965) was reviewed by Roberta Smith for the New York Times, in which Smith wrote that Thomas, “… kept her hand in, adding a fresh directness of touch, and the results give her a place in the still-emerging saga of postwar American abstraction.”

In addition to Perle Fine, Judith Godwin, and Yvonne Thomas, artists whose work is represented by the gallery include Edward Avedisian, Walter Darby Bannard, Stanley Boxer, Frederick J. Brown, Lilian Thomas Burwell, Nanette Carter, Dan Christensen, Eric Dever, Lynne Mapp Drexler, John Goodyear, Ken Greenleaf, Raymond Hendler, Mary Dill Henry, Ida Kohlmeyer, Jill Nathanson, John Opper, Elizabeth Osborne, Stephen Pace, Charlotte Park, William Perehudoff, Ann Purcell, Mike Solomon, Syd Solomon, Albert Stadler, Susan Vecsey, James Walsh, Joyce Weinstein, Frank Wimberley, Larry Zox, and Edward Zutrau.

Collaboration is an important aspect of the gallery. With the widened inquiries and understandings that have resulted from their ongoing discussions about the art world canon, the dealers feel a continual sense of excitement in the discoveries of artists and research still to be made.

Berry Campbell is located in the heart of the Chelsea Art District at 524 West 26th Street, Ground Floor, New York, NY 10001. For further information, contact us at 212.924.2178, info@berrycampbell.com or www.berrycampbell.com.


Image Captions

1. Installation view of Ida Kohlmeyer: Cloistered at Berry Campbell, New York. 2. Installation view of Larry Zox at Berry Campbell, New York. 3. Installation view of Jill Nathanson: Cadence at Berry Campbell, New York. 4. Installation view of Dan Christensen: Early Spray Paintings (1967-1969), at Berry Campbell, New York.