Bill Arning Exhibitions

A curatorial project space for gallery and live arts in the middle of the Montrose District of Houston.

After more than 30 years in the museum field Arning is giving full expression to his edgy vision and gift for discovering visionary makers under Bill Arning Exhibitions. He served as a curator making exhibitions in other peoples galleries in Houston, New York, Miami, Manchester, UK and Lincoln Nebraska before opening as a bricks and mortar space in the spiritual heart of artistic Houston in October of the plague year, 2020. The gallery’s evening hours are regularly enlivened by live arts, music, film, theater, dance poetry and stand-up comedy to welcome diverse audiences to join in this provocative cultural fun,.

Image Captions

  1. Michael Tracy Season in Hell Installation View
  2. Russell Etchen About 50 or 60 Rocks
  3. Enoc  Perez 254 West 54th Street