jdc Fine Art

Established in 2011, dedicated to content-driven contemporary art by established and emerging artists who specialize in photography. We champion those making art to serve a higher purpose.

jdc Fine Art champions emerging contemporary artists specializing in photography. The Artists we work for have deep dedication to their practice and intend for their work to accomplish more than adornment; they create art to serve a higher purpose. Their work marks our time, causes us to consider new perspectives, calls for us to re-assess the ethics of societal “norms” and their visually-encoded constructs, and generally inspires reflection and dialog on the nature of existence in our anthropocene era.

Image Captions

1.  jdc Gallery Install 2.  jdc Fine Art Director, Jennifer DeCarlo  3.  Justyna Badach, "Killing The Apostates In Revenge For The Monotheists Khurasan" 4.  Jennifer Greenburg, "I was a vendor of drink but not of love. 2018" 5. Matt Eich, "Elvis the Zebra, Cumberland, Ohio, 2008"  6. Thomas Kellner "33#35 Stonehenge, England"  7. Luis González Palma "Heroe"  8.  Tatiana Parcero "Universus #26" 9. Ian Van Coller "Mount Baker, Rwenzori's Uganda" 10.  Constanza Piaggio "Titanium White" 11. Jennifer Thoreson "Little Baby"  12.  Paul Turounet "Marilyn, Joplin, MO, 2011"