Josephine Sculpture Park

Where art meets the Earth.

We believe the ARTS are for EVERYONE!

Our mission is to connect people to each other and the land through the arts. We provide creative arts and nature education to our community and transformative opportunities to artists while conserving the beauty of Kentucky’s native, rural landscape.

Our vision is to be a leader in our community that respects and reflects different voices and ideas through shared, creative experiences and responsible land stewardship practices.

JSP is free and open daily from dawn to dusk. Our commitments are to support the arts, inspire intellectual exploration and expression, build a stronger, healthier community and conserve the beauty of Kentucky’s fine natural and cultural heritage through outdoor, creative activities. Est. in 2009 on 30 acres of reclaimed farmland in Franklin Co., KY, JSP hosts a rotating exhibit of ~70 artworks created by artists from across the globe, primarily large-scale outdoor contemporary sculpture in the midst of native meadows and natural habitat. JSP provides tours, artist talks, hands-on exhibitions, festivals, conservation walks, theatrical productions, internships and workshops to school children, civic groups, general public and at-risk and developmentally challenged youth and adults across disciplines. JSP offers a free venue for performing arts, arts education, arts appreciation and cultural enhancement. Artist residency, workshop and exhibition programs support emerging, mid-career and professional artists through unique, supported and equipped non-traditional studio space for large-scale sculpture, professional theatre and community artworks in central KY.

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Image Captions

1. Emma McClellan at dusk 2. The Conversationalist by Chakaia Booker with Jethro the travelling goat 3. Virginia Elliott 4. Glass blowing at annual Fall Arts Festival in September 5. David by Boaz Vaadia 6. SoundScape Music Festival features an illuminated sculpture walk annually in June