Lisa Sette Gallery

Lisa Sette Gallery is in its third decade as an art space committed to showcasing contemporary artists addressing the social issues of our time.

For nearly four trailblazing decades, Lisa Sette has remained committed to discovering and exposing original, intriguing forms of expression. Lisa Sette Gallery exhibits painting, sculpture, photography, installation and performance pieces from an impressive roster of emerging and established artists, as well as maintaining a clientele of local and international collectors devoted to its founder’s adventurous curatorial vision.

By consistently seeking out diverse artists working on the edge of aesthetic, social, and conceptual investigation, Lisa Sette has shaped an art space that remains as vital and relevant today as when it was started in 1985.  In a business that can be notoriously difficult and transitory, the gallery has carefully maintained its unique aesthetic vision and refreshingly direct relationships with artists, new and established collectors, designers, public and private corporations, and museums.

Image Captions

1. Lisa Sette Gallery in midtown Phoenix, AZ 2. Sonya Clark 3. Angela Ellsworth