NOoSPHERE Arts is a 501c3 organization and cultural center that blends the arts and sciences. Its multidisciplinary approach engages diverse audiences and builds community through a range of vibrant public events in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


NOoSPHERE Arts produces and presents experimental arts programming at the nexus of art and eco-awareness. It is a welcoming platform where migrant artists connect with locals. Uniting music, dance, visual arts, theater, film, poetry & prose, our collaborative productions harness the power of art to drive action towards green living, fair play, and oneness.

NOoSPHERE Arts encourages dialogue, openness to experimentation, and radical inclusivity. We aim to elevate the voices of historically marginalized populations. We are driven by the desire to ignite a shift in perspective from the parts to the whole. We see life as a cooperative dance energized by creativity and the constant emergence of novelty. Our goal is to instill belief in personal agency and hope through collective action: with shared efforts towards sustainability, diversity, and equity, we can create a more united and joyful world.

Ongoing Programming: 


Our annual rooftop series combines Arts, Environmental Activism, and Community Building@ around Kingsland Wildflowers @ Broadway Stages, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NYC.

Set in a surreally beautiful nature sanctuary sprouting on top of an ExxonMobil industrial plant on the bank of Superfund site Newtown Creek, the recurring WE ARE NATURE Rooftop Series offers a combination of multiple art forms – dance, music, performance, visual art, poetry, prose, and film – addressing humanity’s place on Earth in aims of engaging a diverse audience in environmental efforts through art.


NOoSPHERE Arts invites artists to exhibit and produce site-specific works in our unique spaces, surrounded by industrial landscapes and green rooftops. Through our exhibitions, artist awards, and residency programs we support artists who are primarily emerging, immigrant, and marginal with a focus on experimental and reflective work on the subjects of sustainability and humanity’s evolving relationship with nature.

REPOPULATIONS is a Climate Week-inspired exhibition series that focuses on environmentally-themed subjects and takes place yearly during the summer and early fall months. The exhibition is part of the larger NOoSPHERE Arts’ WE ARE NATURE Series: art events that make full use of the unique stage setting of the Kingsland Wildflowers bird sanctuary at Broadway Stages in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, to engage a diverse audience in environmental efforts through art.

Monthly Artist Salons

An ongoing collaboration with nearby artists’ community Mothership NYC, our multidisciplinary artist salons are a lower-bar entry point where creatives of all stripes can introduce their work to us and the general Brooklyn audience.  It is an informal and supportive setting where artists share their creations – often in progress — for feedback and networking. Thanks to the constant influx of international visitors coming through Mothership NYC, this experimental program gives the U.S. public access to current art from other countries and brings creative people together for artistic cross-pollination and transnational collaborations.

Launched by our partnering organization in 2016, the monthly salons take place across two platforms: During the summer season, the program is independently run by the Mothership crew on their Main Deck. From October through April, when the gatherings take place indoors at Last Frontier NYC below our stage roofs, their artistic content is co-curated by NOoSPHERE Arts.

Image Captions

1) NOoSPHERE Arts' current presentation arenas in Brooklyn, New York. 2) Monthly artist salon at Mothership NYC. 3) Outdoor concert on roof stage above Last Frontier NYC. 4) WE ARE NATURE Summer Series: Dance, Art and Call for Action on the Green Roofs of Brooklyn. 5) REPOPULATIONS I exhibition curated by Daniela Holban in BWS Gallery. 6) REPOPULATIONS I exhibition curated by Daniela Holban in BWS Gallery. 7) The Retainer, painting by Sjaak Kooij shown in REPOPULATIONS I exhibit. 8) Paintings by Sol Kjøk on display @ Last Frontier NYC. 9) Katy Gunn performing live @ Last Frontier NYC. 10) Erica Mancini performing live @ Last Frontier NYC. 11) Ahmed Umar performing live @ Last Frontier NYC. 12) NON GRATA performing live @ Last Frontier NYC. 13) Installation by Sabrina Barrios, curated by Daniela Holban, produced by NOoSPHERE Arts, sponsored by Broadway Stages @ the Kingsland Wildflower Rooftops 14) Paintings by Sol Kjøk on display @ Last Frontier NYC. 15) Westerlies, 2023, by Ezra Campelli and Jeremy Clemente: a Site-Specific Sonic & Sculptural Installation @Kinglsand Wildflower Rooftop