PATRON Gallery

Create avenues for audiences to access and engage with contemporary art.

PATRON is a contemporary art gallery in Chicago founded in collaboration by Julia Fischbach and Emanuel Aguilar. PATRON is founded on the defining characteristics of a patron of the arts, that is, a person chosen, named or honored as a special guardian, protector or supporter. With this foundation set as a cornerstone, the gallery hopes to open new and traditional avenues of helping audiences of patrons from all walks of life engage and find access to contemporary art.

Image Captions

1. Installation shot from Theory of Forms 2. Bethany Collins, Where 1982 (detail) 3. Daniel G. Baird, When (installation) 4. Samuel Levi Jones, Red, White and Black 5. Harold Mendez, At night we walk in circles (installation) 6. Alex Chitty, for another who isn't, but never ceases to be 7. Myra Greene, Character Recognition #10 8.Nick van Woert, Untitled