Robischon Gallery

Contemporary art; painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, prints, video, and installation.

Since its inception in 1976, Robischon Gallery has been producing museum-level contemporary art exhibitions of regional, national, and international artists. Embracing the current pluralism in art, the exhibitions and artists represented purposefully address a continuum of stylistic and contextual concerns, allowing for a diverse range of voices. Robischon Gallery’s expansive exhibition program maintains a commitment to burgeoning and mid-career artists of integrity and vision both regionally and nationally while broadening its list of historically significant artists to include Kiki Smith, Richard Serra, Manuel Neri, and Christo, among others. Robischon Gallery’s represented artists of influence such as Judy Pfaff, Ann Hamilton, Enrique Martínez Celaya, John Buck, and Bernar Venet reaffirm the gallery’s vision to foster thought-provoking and dynamic progressions in contemporary art.

Robischon Gallery’s thematically driven exhibitions are scheduled seven times per year, with each exhibition typically composed of two to three concurrent solo exhibitions and one featured group presentation. The gallery’s annual programming supports up to twenty solo exhibitions within its 9,000 square-foot space. Painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, prints, video, and installation are regularly presented by those established and emerging artists who are engaged in a variety of art-making practices.

The robust artist list reflects the many diverse relationships throughout Robischon Gallery’s nearly 45 years in operation, including the names of currently represented and affiliated artists, as well as those artists who have been primarily associated with the gallery through its exhibition program. The gallery has long been recognized for premiering important artists and exhibiting challenging forms of creative expression over the last four-plus decades, as it continues to set bold new standards for contemporary art in the Mountain States region.