Museum of Contemporary Religious Art, Saint Louis University

The first interfaith museum of art that engages the religious and spiritual dimensions.

MOCRA brings an interfaith focus to contemporary art, presenting the work of artists who find a vital source of meaning, insight, and expression in the religious and spiritual dimensions—even if they may go about differently from prior generations. MOCRA seeks to facilitate discovery and inspiration, and contribute to a wider culture of interfaith encounter and dialogue, with its collection, exhibitions, and programs.

From its first exhibition in 1993, MOCRA has established a reputation for presenting compelling work from both established and emerging artists who represent a diverse range of viewpoints, expressions, and media. Whether sensitively exploring difficult subjects, or sharing the unexpected delight of Andy Warhol’s Silver Clouds, MOCRA continues to challenge and inspire audiences.

MOCRA’s exhibitions are anchored on a well-regarded collection that includes works by an international roster of artists, including Romare Bearden, Lore Bert, Frederick J. Brown, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Michael David, Luis González-Palma, Patrick Graham, DoDo Jin Ming, Jim Morphesis, Daniel Ramirez, and Shahzia Sikander.

Lectures, symposia, performances, and other public presentations complement MOCRA’s exhibitions. The MOCRA Voices podcast highlights thinkers and practitioners at the intersections of contemporary art, religion, and spirituality, while the MOCRA blog features essays, reflections, and glimpses behind the scenes.

Image Captions

1) Installation view, MOCRA: 25, 2018. 2) Installation view, MOCRA: 25, 2018. 3) Installation view, Sanctuaries: Recovering the Holy in Contemporary Art, 1993. 4) Installation view, Consecrations: The Spiritual in Art in the Time of AIDS, 1993. 5) Installation view, Double Vision: Art from Jesuit University Collections, 2022. 6) Installation view, Double Vision: Art from Jesuit University Collections, 2022. 7) Installation view, Surface to Source, 2021.