American Painting Fine Art

Current, traditional landscape, realism, still life, genre and abstract paintings by American local artists with national reputations.

Our gallery is dedicated to the finest work in landscape, still life, genre, urban and marine art by current traditional American painters, many with national reputations, including recent works by Andrei Kushnir (Landscape and Marine), Michele Martin Taylor (Post-Impressionist), Michael Francis (Urban Landscape), Stevens Jay Carter (Contemporary), Alexangel Estevez (Landscape, Portraits and Still Life), Ross Merrill (Eastern Shore, Western Landscape), and Carol Spils (Archetypal).

Image Captions

1. Andrei Kushnir, US Supreme Court 2. Michele Martin Taylor, Love and Roses 3. Stevens Jay Carter, Capitol Dome in Relief 4. Carol Spils, Big Roses 5. Ross Merrill, Luminous Sky 6. Alex Estevez, Peaks of Autumn 7. Michael Francis, To the Sea