B.F. Jonas Fine Arts

Fine works of art from acclaimed figurative artist - oil on canvas originals and giclée prints on canvas or archival paper

BF Jonas has been recognized throughout the Art World with shows in Florence Italy, New York NY, Chicago IL, New Orleans LA, Washington DC, and Asheville NC, where he currently resides.  He has won the Medici Award at the Florence Biennale, honored as the Century Club’s Artist of the Year at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans LA, has works in the permanent collection at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art (a Smithsonian Institute affiliate) and V&S Vin Sprit Aktiebolag (Absolut Museum) in Stockholm, Sweden.

Image Captions

  1. Repeat The Sounding Joy (oil on wood 24”x24”)
  2. Strategy (oil on wood 12”x16”)
  3. The Equestrians (oil on canvas 54”x48”)
  4. Swan Dive (oil on canvas 46"x56”)
  5. Rave Wave ( oil on canvas  40”x40”)
  6. Sirenas Del Rio  (oil on canvas  54”x42”)
  7. Dia De Los Muertos  (oil on canvas  54”x48”)
  8. Eclipse In Blue (oil on canvas 32”x26”)
  9. Bareback Riders  (oil on canvas 78”x60”)
  10. Snow Angels (oil on wood  16”x12”)
  11. The Mozambique Lounge (oil on canvas 40”x54”
  12. Power Play (oil on canvas 40”x42”)
  13. Lebensborn (oil on wood 72”x96”)
  14. Oaks Lounge (oil on canvas 42”x60”)
  15. Faith, Hope, and Charity  (oil on canvas 24”x24”)
  16. Mrs. G. Arrives  (oil on canvas 44”x50”)
  17. Water Sports  (oil on canvas 46”x50”)
  18. Levitation (oil on canvas 50”x56”)
  19. Girl Singer (oil on canvas 48”x54”)
  20. 11:59 (oil on canvas 46”x54”)
  21. The Zebra Riders (oil on canvas 40”x36”)
  22. Trance Dance (oil on canvas 24”x24”)
  23. Topazoids Ascending #8 (oil on wood 10”x12”)1 of a 9 panel polyptych
All images courtesy of B.F. Jonas Fine Arts.