Corrigan Gallery LLC

Where future and history meet.

Contemporary Southern art by Charleston artists, museum listed and those on the way to museum collections.  Art with presence and a future.  Earlier Charleston artists also – Elizabeth O’Neill Verner estate and that of Alfred Hutty.


Image Captions

1 - Kristi Ryba Chapel of Perpetual Adoration II: King Arthur Setting the Children Adrift 2 - Bill Buggel Poor Man's Orchid 3 - Manning Wiliams Last Parking Space on Broadway 4 - Nancy Langston Agile 5 - Lese Corrigan Mer (She Thinks She is a Goddess) Sniffing Pomegranates 6- Arthur McDonald Path 7 - Daphne vom Baur Nereids 8 - Mary M. Walker Strange Characters 9 - John Hull Listen