Cumberland Gallery Advisory

For 39 years, Carol Stein’s Cumberland Gallery has exhibited and represented well-established and promising, emerging artists in a variety of media including painting, works on paper, photography and sculpture. While Tennessee and the Southeast have constituted the primary focus, CG has achieved national recognition for its unique voice and artists throughout four decades. In April of 2019, Cumberland Gallery closed its physical space. However, Carol Stein continues with her engagement in the arts as Cumberland Gallery Advisory.

Cumberland Gallery Advisory serves as a vehicle to connect and educate private and corporate clients to an array of exceptional artists. As a result of longstanding relationships with artists and national level galleries, CGA provides access to high-level options in the contemporary art arena. Provided services include:

+ Emphasis on curatorial services and collection building

+ Fine arts appraising

+ Lighting concepts

+ Advising on conservation framing

+ Guidance in the auction house process (buy/sell)

To create awareness and highlight exceptional artists, we maintain a website featuring available artwork, informational commentary on art collecting, and an ‘artist of the month’ focus. Stay informed by signing up for our monthly newsletter!

Image Captions

1. Brad Durham 2. Jeri Eisenberg 3. Sherry Karver 4. Tom Pfannerstill 5. Andrew Saftel