Museum of Friends (MoF)

A contemporary art museum with changing exhibits and permanent collection.

MoF is the first museum of counter culture art in the United States.  It is located mid-way between Denver and Santa Fe.  It is inclusive with 1600 gifts of art.  MoF is a cultural center that engages with community with socially relevant exhibitions, public programs and visiting artists projects that celebrate the multi-cultural experience.

Image Captions

  1. Labor, Mining, Immigration - Contemporary Artists - the On-Going Struggle, Images by Guillermo Pulido, 2014
  2. Rule Gallery visitors 2015
  3. Richard Kalleweit with artists installing his sculpture, 2015
  4. Drop City and Criss-Cross Show the Counter Culture, 2015
  5. MoF logo
  6. Annamarie Trombetta, COVID-19 Exhibit, 2020
  7. MoF building being restored, 2019
  8. EARTH Exhibit, 2019