Vermont Artisan Designs

Fine art and contemporary American craft.

Summer is officially here in Vermont!! With warmer temperatures than usual for May and June, the spring flowers popped with bountiful hues. And now the Green Mountain State is living up to its colorful name. Lots to do throughout the state!! Come visit!

Vermont Artisan Designs is grateful for 50-plus years of service to the American art and craft community and their collectors. In addition to the main floor craft gallery, there are 11 small art galleries around a central gallery on the second level. A variety of activities at the gallery and our hometown of Brattleboro, VT, are ongoing.

For the month of July, whimsical and nostalgic oil paintings by Will Moses, the great-grandson of Grandma Moses, will be featured along with the iconic photos and acrylic paintings of Vermont by Alistair McCallum from Mt. Holly. Both plan to be at the gallery on July 5 as part of the monthly Gallery Walk in Brattleboro. Put it on your calendar!

Special collections of pastels and oil paintings by Wolf Kahn and Eric Aho are also on display and for sale in the gallery along with the works of more than 300 artisans and artists.

We invite you to visit when you’re in Brattleboro and to take a look at our website (www.vtart.com) which is continually changing. And, check out vtartisandesigns on Instagram and Vermont Artisan Designs on Facebook.

Image Captions

1.  Winter Shadows, an acrylic on canvas by Alistair McCallum at Vermont Artisan Designs 2.  March Snow, a photograph by Alistair McCallum at Vermont Artisan Designs 3. Land of Milk and Honey, an oil on panel by Woody Jackson at Vermont Artisan Designs 4. Lyme Light, an oil on canvas by Jacqueline Jones at Vermont Artisan Designs 5. West 38th, an oil on canvas by Ken Young at Vermont Artisan Designs 6. Double Eagle, wood sculpture by Kelley Jepson at Vermont Artisan Designs 7.  Night at Bukowski's, an acrylic on canvas by Marc Winnat at Vermont Artisan Designs 8. Old Rivals, an oil on Masonite by Will Moses at Vermont Artisan Designs