Anila Quayyum Agha: All the Flowers are for Me

Cincinnati Art Museum 953 Eden Park Dr, Cincinnati

The museum will once again present Anila Agha: All The Flowers are for Me. The popular exhibition, first displayed in 2017, features Pakistani-American artist Anila Quayyum Agha who creates immersive installation by manipulating lights. Light emanates from the center of a laser-cut steel cube, enveloping the gallery in intricate shadows that ripple and change as […]


Future Retrieval: Katie Parker & Guy Michael Davis

Cincinnati Art Museum 953 Eden Park Dr, Cincinnati

Future Retrieval, the studio collaboration of Cincinnati-based artists Katie Parker and Guy Michael Davis, appropriates imagery and forms from historical objects to create new art that bears meaning in our twenty-first century world. Their practice is rooted in ceramic art, but also incorporates a diverse mix of media and techniques combine age-old methods with new […]

Paintings, Politics and the Monuments Men: The Berlin Masterpieces in America

Cincinnati Art Museum 953 Eden Park Dr, Cincinnati

From the Nazis’ exploitation of artworks to the protection and restitution efforts of the “Monuments Men,” art and politics were frequently intertwined in the World War II era. This exhibition focuses on the fate of 200 of the finest European paintings from the Berlin State Museums that traveled to the United States soon after the […]