Melinda Stickney-Gibson & Gary Gissler

Castello 780 Fondamenta San Giuseppe, Sestiere Castello 780, Venice, Veneto

An exhibition of oneiric artworks by Melinda Stickney-Gibson and Gary Gissler at Castello 925, Fondamenta San'Isepo 780, Venice ITALY

Kaethe Kauffman – Yoga: Interiore Eterno

Castello 925 Fondamenta San Giuseppe, Sestiere Castello 925, Venice, Veneto

Hawaii-based artist Kaethe Kauffman’s exhibition Yoga: Interiore Eterno is an installation of prints on silk that documents both physical movement and meditative stasis. Using a string dipped in paint, the artist ties the filament around a hand, knee, elbow, or torso, and when the body part is flexed, the movement is recorded as a kind of off-printing. In […]