Martin Weinstein: MOMENT TO MOMENT

South Dakota Art Museum 1036 Medary Ave, Brookings

Martin Weinstein is a painter for whom the portrait and natural world still hold meaning. His figuration holds together a truth about relationships and the efflorescences of nature. Painting on multiple acrylic sheets, Weinstein captures and isolates the layers of the perceived world. These multiple images are stacked together to create optical illusions and a […]

Robert Mango: Rhapsody

Spiva Center for the Arts 222 West 3rd Street, Joplin

For the artist Rob Mango, the city is a dream theater, the setting for an epic drama played out across space and time. The city is New York, with its familiar landmarks, but a fantastic Gotham populated by fierce and beautiful figures, imposing enough to rival the towers around them. These personages, from many epochs […]

Jim Singelis: Burning from Within

Roper Gallery, Frostburg State Univerisity 101 Braddock Road, Frostburg

Jim Singelis describes his images as self-portraits without a mirror, and the complex emotions they represent do embody a singular and personal intensity. The series actually began with one clear and literal self-likeness, and he starts each new painting or drawing by sketching his own reflection. But from there he improvises, and while he observes […]

Nancy Macko: The Fragile Bee

Mayborn Museum 1300 S University Parks Dr, Waco

Nancy Macko’s exhibition includes the installation Honey Teachings: In the Mother Tongue of the Bees, 2014. This wall installation is composed of 104 hexagonal wooden panels displaying bee imagery. Sometimes statements about the bees are included: “Worker bees are born to serve the greater good.” Installed on the wall, the individual panels look very much […]

Anne Hieronymus: Envisioning the Particular

Dunedin Fine Art Center 1143 Michigan Blvd, Dunedin

What is singular and arresting in this exhibition is not only the type of world the artist creates for us, an alien world, but how she goes about constructing this alternative reality as it pertains to utter environmental destruction. Hieronymus’s world in certain ways seems to mimic our naturalistic earthly world, is specked with tendencies […]