The Fragile Bee By Nancy Macko

Buffalo Musuem of Science 1020 Humboldt Parkway, Buffalo, NY

In the photography exhibition The Fragile Bee, artist Nancy Macko looks closely at the world of bees, not only to examine their biology and somatic features, but also to study their habitat and highly organized society. This compelling work is not only meant to inform the public about the plight of the bees but also […]

Questionable Foods By Kathleen Elliot

Reynolds Gallery 1514 West Main Street Richmond, Virginia 23220, Richmond, VA

Assessing our consumption culture requires an escape from the constant stream of advertising we digest daily. Questionable Foods provides a fresh perspective and starts the conversation on America’s relationship with food and the food industry. Reflective both in nature and in form, the glass sculptures of Kathleen Elliot reimagine the way we look at food and its […]


In the Realm of the Senses: Selected Paintings of Victoria Lowe

Steam Gallery at Sacred Heart University's Discovery Science Center & Planetarium 4450 Park Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut

Consistent though this body of work is a concern with energy in its many forms and the viewer’s deep emotional response to color. The paintings have their origin in the artist’s childhood experience of stargazing with a telescope, and the feeling of sublime connectedness to things beyond the physical environment and conscious comprehension. The desire […]

Nancy Macko: The Fragile Bee

Midland Center for the Arts 1801 W. Saint Andrews, Midland, MI

Nancy Macko’s exhibition includes the installation Honey Teachings: In the Mother Tongue of the Bees, 2014. This wall installation is composed of 104 hexagonal wooden panels displaying bee imagery. Sometimes statements about the bees are included: “Worker bees are born to serve the greater good.” Installed on the wall, the individual panels look very much […]