Russell Etchen About Six Thousand Five Hundred Rocks, About One Thousand Five Hundred People, and Some Clover

Bill Arning Exhibitions 604 West Alabama, Houston

Russell Etchen’s drawings, painting installations, and books originate in ’Zine culture, cartooning, graffito, rock and roll aesthetics, and his philosophical meditations on similarity, difference, repetition and      reproduction. The repeated elements of counting, grouping, and sorting objects—whether they are Rocks or People—lend an oddly elegant and subtly humorous charm that belies the miasma commonly […]


Christopher Cascio-Portals, Pinwheels and Process Paintings 2020-2021,

Bill Arning Exhibitions 604 West Alabama, Houston

A master of color and a full on fetishist of perfect surfaces, Cascio continues exploring systematic variations on his painting themes. The work combines complex color theory and motifs based on traditional quilting patterns into painted geometric abstraction.  Paintings are made using masking tape and aerosol acrylic paint.  Cascio is either busting out of or […]