Gallery 1202

Female-focused Contemporary art gallery in the south San Francisco Bay Area.

Gallery 1202’s mission is to be an inclusive, welcoming space for the community, and beyond.  We invite people to experience both local and international art within are space, and strive to support marginalized voices in the art-world, including women, BIPOC artists, and emerging artists with young families.  We are also interested in promoting works that are based in alternative mediums like fiber art, and paper on paper works; additionally, we support artists who explore taboo subject matters like birth and abortion.

Our physical gallery space is firmly tied in with our small town community, and we have opportunities for local and community artists to exhibit with us several times a year.  Our shows vary throughout the year due to our connection with the community.

Image Captions

  1. Logo
  2. "A Thread of Color: The Art of Natalie Ciccoricco," Gallery 1202.
  3. "An Affair with Black: Abstraction Expressionism by Helen Bellaver," Gallery 1202.
  4. "Show Me Your Neon: A Feminist Dialogue," Gallery 1202.
  5. "Stance," Helen Bellaver, 2019. Acrylic on Canvas, 48x36.