Meyer Gallery

Contemporary and traditional painting and bronze sculpture.

The Meyer Gallery features contemporary work by American artists primarily from the western U.S..  Since 1965, the gallery has been located in an historic landmark building in Park City, Utah’s historic district. Original paintings, sculptures, photography, mixed medium, glass, wood, ceramic can be found by museum represented and emerging artists. Noted artists include Brian Kershisnik, Jeffery Pugh, Fatima Ronquillo, Gary Ernest Smith, Jane Dedecker, Jim Rennert, Ken Yarus, Leslie Duke, Santiago Michalek, Kamille Corry, Douglas Aagard, Paige Anderson, Gwen Davidson, Kaori Takamura, Colby Sanford, Ellie Wilson, Forrest Dickison, David Riley, Corrine Geertsen, Seth Winegar, Lis Pardoe, Shana Levenson, Britt Snyder, Jenna Von Benedikt, Seth Winegar and Ken Yarus.

Image Captions

1. Douglas Aagard 2. Max Rosenzweig 3. Ken Yarus 4. Brian Kershisnik, 5. Leslie Duke 6. Kamille Corry