Tamarind Institute

Fine art lithography workshop and gallery.

Since 1960, Tamarind has shaped the field of collaborative printmaking, through a unique printer training program and an educational mission to preserve and advance the creative medium of lithography. Tamarind is a division of the College of Fine Arts, occupying a free standing building on the original Route 66, with a state of the art workshop, public gallery, and regular public programs and tours. Tamarind encompasses an extensive archive of historic material, a vast print inventory of 8000 lithographs produced by the workshop, and a team of highly trained printers, curators, and print experts. Tamarind Institute stimulates research, preservation of knowledge, and community among a diverse international following. This unique program is widely credited with revitalizing the creative medium of lithography, and continues to provide the only printer training program of its kind in the world.

Image Captions

  1. Matthew Shlian
  2. Hayal Pozanti
  3. Outi Pieski
  4. Michael Krueger
  5. Stella Ebner
  6. Nicola López
  7. Tara Donovan
  8. Jim Dine
  9. Jim Dine