Exhibitions of local, regional, national, and international art by emerging to established artists in all mediums. Emphasis on women artists, light-based works, outdoor sculpture, and photography.

Image Captions

August Muth "Untitled" hologram Linda Arredondo, "Untitled" Ulzzaang series embroidery Ana Fernandez "Happy Birthday" Ana Fernandez  "Cupid Shuffle" Bodo Korsig, "Hidden Mind" Carol Robertson "Triangle #2 Turquoise" Cathy Cunningham- Little  "Box #10" Christian Fuchs, "Natividad" Christie Blizard "If Art was perfection" George Krause "sheep" George Krause "Fountainhead" George Krause "Newspaper" George Krause "Shadow" Kevin Box "Chaos and Consciousness" Ken Little "Blow bunny" Mariette Pathy Allen "TransCuba" series Margo Sawyer "Synchronicity of color" McKay Otto "Ever come so them ever" McKay Otto "Ever know ever no. 1" Lawrence Fodor, "Koan Box" Rodolfo Choperena, "C-wave" Rodolfo Choperena, "Untitled" Rodolfo Choperena, "Untitled" Sabine Senft "Surges" Sabine Senft, "Borderland" Anthony Sonnenberg, " Tree of life candelabras" Orna Feinstein, "Ring Series" Orna Feinstein, "Tree Dynamics #155" Orna Feinstein, "Cambium #3" Emanuel De Sousa, "Bruce Lee Shoes, 1-5" (5 images) Kevin Box, Rock Paper Scissors Kevin Box "ponies" (collaboration with Robert Lang) Chikako Kato, "Swing Around" (2 images)