Jennifer Baahng Gallery

A New York art gallery and art advisory firm specializing in contemporary art, established in 2003.

January 20 – March 4, 2023
Opening Reception: Friday, Jan. 20, 6-8 PM

PITCHES & SCRIPTS is a group exhibition of works on paper produced from the 1980’s to the present. The show pools together work that speaks to an era with a solipsistic view, marked by social, ideological and technological change. “Dresses Akimbo,”  collaged works by Janet Taylor Pickett, render an ongoing visual poem about Blackness, while Zhang Hongtu posits a multilayered discourse on dislocation, politics and national identity in “Long Live Mao”:  a series of Quaker Oats canisters painted with the face of the former leader. Sharon Butler investigates the visual grammar of capitalist suburban Americana and the tendencies of reductive art in “Idiomerica,” twenty-two combines that deploy digital technology. Conversely, Jeff Gabel’s scribbly, smudge-tone drawings of mostly fictional characters externalize the imagination of a Midwestern artist new to New York City.

“The Terminal Century,” a series of collage paintings by R.C. Baker, vibrate with disruption and discordance, and monumental ink drawings by Björn Meyer-Ebrecht press towards a new pictorial architecture. As we are flung—‘pitched’—into the future, the exhibition looks to this collection of work for a loose, dynamic script for how to narrativize ourselves in the present. PITCHES & SCRIPTS renders a ‘soft landing’ for our launch into the new year.